Spiral Maths & Everything

Fibonacci is the smart guy that introduced our modern day numerical system (Arabic numerals) in 1202, replacing difficult Roman numerals, he also introduced to Europe a sequence of numbers later known as Fibonacci numbers, although this number sequence was known to Indian mathematicians as early as the 6th century. This mathematical equation now called by many names most popularly the golden ratio has been studied for centuries and used to analyse the proportions of natural objects from our spiral universe to DNA and most things in between also man-made systems such as financial markets, art and architecture. In fact if you look for the Golden ratio you will find it everywhere!

But why is this natural spiral re-occurring?

Could it be influenced by our incredible trajectory through the universe?

The standard image of our solar system is not exactly correct.

The sun is like a comet travelling at 70,000km per hour, our planet and the others in our solar system are dragged along in the sun’s wake by gravity, all the time each planet rotates clockwise around the sun in their varying orbits.

The story doesn’t end there, our Milky Way travelling at 828,000 km per hour has 100 to 200 billion suns rotating in its wake! Not to mention there are 200 billion other known galaxies many of which are spiral like ours.

Could it be that in the non-spiral galaxies the maths is different?